Asiatic Lily II (color, black)
Beach Rose I (color, black)
Beach Rose II (color, black)
Beach Rose IV (color, black)
Blue Clematis I (color, black)
Blue Globe Thistle I (color, black)
Blue Morning Glory II (color, black)
Blue Pansy I (color, black)
Blue Pansy II (color, black)
Bowl of Beauty Peony II (color, black)
California Poppy I (color, black)
Dandelion Head I (color, black)
Dandelion V (color, black)
Daylily I (color, black)
Deep Orange Marigold V (color, black)
Dying Amaryllis III (color, black)
Dying Amaryllis VII (color, black)
Fragaria Pink Panda I (color, black)
Galliardia Arizona Sun I (color, black)
Giant White Dahlia V (color, black)
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis I (color, black)
Iceland Poppy II (color, black)
Iris Germanica I (color, black)
Light Red Zinnia Elegans V (color, black)
Orange and Yellow Sunflower I (color, black)

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Red and Yellow Dahlia IV (color, white)
Red and Yellow Dahlia III (color, white)
Red and White Amaryllis VII (color, white)
Red and White Amaryllis IV (color, white)
Queen Annes Lace I (color, white)
Purple Petunia I (color, white)
Purple Pansy II (color, white)
Purple Iris II (color, white)
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